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First check if you have installed python 2.7. Current sydep doesn’t work with python3 or older pythons. You must have pip, too.


If you want to install sydep for all users, you have to log in as root. Then you run this command:

pip install sydep

Now you can start with using.


Run init in your project root directory.

sydep init

This command will create file sydep.cfg with settings of your deployment. It looks like this:

# remote SSH server
server = login@server

# remote path (optional)
remote = .

# local path (optional)
local = .

Edit this file, set your login information and paths. Now you can download and upload your files.

Upload to server

sydep push

Download from server

sydeb pull

This command doesn’t download all files from remote server! It downloads only these, which are existing in your local folders. If you want to download new file, you ought to create it first touch my_new_file.

Set up ignored files

In file .sydebignore you can set, which file you want to ignore. You can use wildcards.


tmp/*       # ignore all files from tmp directory
*~          # ignore backup files
*.pyc       # ignore all compiled python files

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